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Bless Our Hero's
Fly your flag to honor America The Beautiful

god bless america


Veterans Day is Everyday
Thank you for serving


Keep America strong

Association Officers for 2015-2017
President:Michael Wilson
V.President: Charles Nobles
Secretary/Treasurer Larry Cartier
Chaplin: Hank Furniss Historian: Joe Peters

Henry Croy, Jerry Kutcher, Walt Larimer, John Tandy, Fred Anderson


God Bless America

Anyone paying or requesting info on their dues please contact Larry Cartier at Treasurer for the association.

On the web site under ship store there is a Dyess order form for you to place an order with Larry Cartier.

The Dyess crest reproduced may be purchased for a cost of $5.00. You can place in a frame, sew on a shirt or jacket. Actual Size is 3½”x4½”. You may order the crest from Dyess Association Ship Store, %Larry Cartier,LCARTIER111@AOL.COM
or call 508-930-8128. We also have Shirts w/p. denim shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and hats.

In Memory of Shipmate Lawrence Stack

He may be gone but will never be forgotten. God Bless America. Click HERE to visit his memorial web page(s).

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                    February Birthdays
Fred Anderson, Richard Crouch, Hard Edgmond, Harold Evans
Darryl French, Stan Gourley, Les Keenan, Dick Reed
Joe Shriver, James Small, George Waldheim

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March Birthdays
Howard Cohen, Ernest Collins, Don Fogg, Bob Hampton, James Herman, Dennis Hughes
Tim Kasprzyk, Don Kinney, Eugene Koser, Terry Mastin, Anthony Matulich, Dave Mrozak
Jim Rice, George Smith, John Sweeney, Dennis Wagner



Name: _______________  Address: _______________

City: _________________ State: _____

Zip: __________ Email: _____________

Phone: _______________Birthdate: _________Years on board:

from ____ to ___ Rate on board: _______

Dues are $10.00 yearly /Life membership $150.00 onetime payment. Amount enclosed  $______
Make all checks payable to the USS Dyess Association and mail to; USS Dyess Association,
% Larry Cartier 71 Bradford Street, Abington, MA 02351

"Support your association"

Do not forget the service men and women serving our country in far away lands. Light a candle for them and ask for god speed to bring them home safely.


Association membership time once again for 2018

We have many who pay their dues annually and some who pay but skip years in between. That is ok but what we are hoping to have those shipmates who have never paid due will do so this coming year for 2016. This is your association, the ship you served aboard, made friends and visited many ports with so why not support the association as the cost is only $10.00 a year. Your membership helps us make donations to various groups, helps with the banquet cost which we donate towards the dinner to make your cost less, a yearly letter to all on the roster, maintain an email list, maintain a web site and help to send out a newsletter to all on the email list. We try to keep in touch with as many shipmates as possible, place a Happy Birthday greeting on the web site and in the newsletter. Our main association contributing factor is comradery with our shipmates. We have officers, board members, an association bank account where the treasurer sends a monthly treasurers report to the officers and board members and any shipmate that is a member requesting a copy of the report.  As you can see we are not only a reunion, join us now, keep us moving ahead. We are here for you, sign up and support us with a dues payment for 2016. Forgot dues send now!

Thee next reunion will be in Bloomington, MN in September, 2018 to be chairded by Jim Feely. wiil publish info when received.

We have a new shipment of hats for those wanting to purchase one.

Joe Peters and his great grandson.

Anthony and his great Poppa
Congrats Joe
Gina Hynson's photo.
GO NAVY! A future naval recruit


Anthony and his Great Grandparents and Mom too!  Lois and Joe Peters and mom Susan Peters Fiorentino



L-R; Bob Bruce, Frank Boffi, Bud Johnson, John Brown, Ed Stoaks, Arnold Zajicek, Bill Armstrong, Chuck Kelley   seated: Joe Cicalese

tin can sailors

God Bless the USA

New Section on the Website! (06/11/2009)

On the left menu, there is an addition to the website - the US Navy Memorial. Recently, I took a trip to Washington DC and got some information and pictures for you to enjoy. - Ernie Pomeroy

It is a very nice memorial, you can check out the foundation here.

We are searching for shipmates from all era's, 45 - 80. If you served on the USS Dyess and are not on the roster please contact me, Ken Moore, 904-599-1131 with your info and we will gladly add you to our growing list. Shipmates from the 60's and 70's are needed now. You are the life blood of our group!


A new USS Dyess banner donated to the association compliments of Joe Peters. This was taken at the TCS bull session in Lakeland ,FL on the 10th January 2009





Joe Peters,Ken Moore,Bob Bush, Mac McDonald










Support your Association

Anyone wishing to pay their dues may do so for 2016 by sending $10.00 toLarry Cartier, 71 Bradford Street,Abington, MA. 02351. Any questions you may contact me at 508-930-8128 Dues are $10.00 per year.You are the future of the association.

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