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Hats Navy-logo. One size fits all. $16.00

Golf Shirts

Denim Shirts

Navy, White with pocket, ship logo and name,
other colors on request. Sizes S-XL

Lt Blue/Dark Blue S-XL

(add $2 for 2X, $4.50 for 3XL
add $3.00 for 2XL
add $5.00 for 3XL

T-Shirts Grandkids Tee shirts with "my grand pa sailed on the Dyess." are available sold out
  Micro fiber jacket-logo Price on request
Jackets Coaches , navy-snap jacket S-XL
2XLadd $2.50-3XL add $4.00
Ship logo left front
Orders may be placed for ship stores with Ken Moore, 210 Shore Drive, St. Augustine, FL 32086 or email
Jackets have front logo and a full back logo if desired.
Prices upon request. Shipping is not included in prices.

USS Dyess Crest The Dyess crest reproduced may be purchased for a cost of $6.00. You can place in a frame, sew on a shirt or jacket. Actual Size is 3½”x4½”. You may order the crest from Dyess Association Ship Store, % Ken Moore .We also have Shirts w/p. denim shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and hats

Sweatshirts Navy logo on front s-xl
sizes 2XL Navy
sizes 3XL Navy
  Shipping not included. Added to final count.  

Dyess Order Form

                               Dyess Ship Stores Order Form
To: Larry Cartier                                                    
71 Bradford Street                                             
Abington, MA 02351    508-460-0768

From: Name________________________________
City:__________________ State:______ Zip:_______
Email;___________________ Phone;_____________________
Qty     Description                                      size                color                 Total Amount$_____________  

Microfiber Jacket/also can be done on coaches jackets      

   Comes with log DD front and Fram back

DDR back


DDR front



Golf shirts, navy/white with pocket, ship logo and name     $24.00/add $2.00 2x
other colors on request. Sizes S-XL                                                          add 4.00 3xl
Denim shirts/Lt/Dark Blue S-XL short or long sleeve              $30.00/ add $3.00 2XL
add $5.00 3XL
Hats, logo DD/DDR 880                                                                $15.00  
Micro fiber jackets/logo/front and back embroidered              Prices on request
Coaches jackets, navy-snap jacket S-XL                                    $30.00   
2XL add $3.00 – 3XL add $5.00
Ships logo left front.    

Orders may be placed for ship stores with Larry Cartier, 71 Bradford Street, Abington, MA 02351
Jackets have front logo and a full back logo if desired.  Prices upon request.   Shipping not included in prices                                            

Shipping charges/Hat $2.50 -  Shirt $8.00 – Jackets $15.00 – add to amount

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