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This site was made possible by a joint effort between Joseph Peters, a crewman on the USS Dyess (MM3 E Division), and his nephew, Ernie T. Pomeroy. This site is also unique to modern times, because the conceptualization, design, and creation is taking place solely via Email and internet resources. The creation took place, and is still going on between a span of approximately 2400 miles: Florida and Arizona, and almost completely via the Internet.

Here's where you can Email either or both people behind this Site.

Site Concept: Joe Peters , USS DYESS, 1952-1954

WebMaster (design, implementation, maintenance): Ernie T. Pomeroy, ETP Development

A message from the webmaster:

During the time I've been creating this Web Site for my Uncle and all the crew members of the USS Dyess, I've learned a few things, and I just wanted to provide an immense "Thank You" to you all.

I 'almost' joined the Navy in 1981, but for some reason, I couldn't. I took all the tests, I went to all the meetings, but when it came to signing the dotted line, I backed away. I guess that's my personal demon for me to cope with, but you men went the distance. You took this ship under your collective wings and made it happen. You traveled, you fought, you defended, and just your presence was enough in some cases. As I Email my Uncle Joe Peters to create and maintain this site, and as I go to all the other sites, I begin to see the camaraderie within the Naval operation as a whole. Oh sure, some hated it, some loved it, and some couldn't care less, but the fact that you were there is an admirable trait in and of itself.

One day during one of my "DYESS Sessions" (as I have come to call them), my then nine year old son was watching me, and he said "I would never join the army" (Meaning any of the armed forces)... "It's too scary", he continued. I was quick to say that it was a great honor to serve your country and protect it from outside forces that may want to invade or to do the United States of America harm. He asked if I would do it if I had another chance.

I told him, "In a heartbeat, I would."

I may be just a modern day computer geek, but the time during the creation of this site has given me a swollen sense of national pride that I could provide this service to you. Even though I never fired a shot, swabbed a deck, or painted a bulkhead, etc... I feel I'm doing my part, and I'm proud to do it, and most of all I'm proud to have created this site for you... the Men of the DYESS who stood up and served our country.

Thank You,

Ernie T. Pomeroy

Ernie - A Short Note:

Through the Web Site I received a request from a woman who hoped we could find out what happened to her Grandfather who was a Submariner in WW2 and was killed. Thats all she knew.... now because of Dyess Web site, she knows how he died, exact time and date of the sinking of his Submarine in 1942, how many others died (43) where it happened, Gulf of Panama, and she now has two photos of her Grandfathers Submarine the S 26 No SS131. I gave her a lot of Data concerning this episode.

Unc. Joe.

--- Folks, messages like THAT is why I love creating this Web Site for YOU.

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